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Crossed Genres accepting submissions for SF/F/WESTERN Issue

Crossed Genres is now accepting submissions for the upcoming SciFi/Fantasy WESTERN issue. Guidelines are available on the submissions page. Submissions to the Western issue will be accepted until March 31! We want to see Steampunk elves in 10-gallon hats!

On April Fools Day, Crossed Genres will release its SciFi/Fantasy HUMOR issue, which includes a cover by the outstanding Alexandra Prillaman and an article by none other than Fantasy Humor legend Piers Anthony!

The Humor issue will also be our first issue released as a PDF download and on Kindle! And a wonderful short story, "Archimedes Nesselrode" by Justine Graykin, will be available as a professional recording, read by the author!

April 1 will also be the date Crossed Genres begins offering a one-year (12 Issues) subscription to the PDF edition for only $19.99 (the last two e-issues of your subscription are free)! Get each issue emailed to you automatically every month!
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