willterrytragic (willterrytragic) wrote in 100stories,

a story

"Because I save lives Will, that’s why I love lifesavers candy.”
There is essentially only one thing you will be trained on to work at the
Suicide prevention call center. “Identify the person as a threat to themselves or others.”
Beyond identification, there is no other training.
I get curious, because I view this job as like a low level doctor, saving lives across phone lines. I asked, once we verify that a person is a threat to themselves, what do we do?
"You transfer them to a trained self harm counselor".
You have to ask questions; have to get them to talk about themselves.
Identify the threat is our motto. Baskins always wears all white. White car, white pants, white everything, except for his teeth.
"I guess you didn’t hear", enthusiasm in his voice makes me feel sick; "I pulled three people this morning from the grips of death. I am Jesus.” He laughs and points at the bulletin board. Next to his name were three happy face stickers. Far beneath his name was mine, with empty space and a few sad face stickers, because I’m not very good at this job.

(rest of the story at http://willterrytragic.livejournal.com/34110.html
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