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100stories's Journal

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100 Stories, 100 Days
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This is a community to share stories that we write. It is just a recreational writing club of sorts, post when you want. please try to make them have some point (no "see Spot run"-esque works, please...).

Also, you can take the 100 Stories Challenge. Members try to write 100 stories in the course of 100 days from inception.

If you are taking the challenge, the title of your entries should begin with "(x-y)", where x is which-th attempt at 100 the story is a part of, and y is which-th story in the sequence it is. (e.g. if it is th fifth story of your second try for 100 straight, then begin it with "(2-5)", regardless of whether or not you reached 100 on your first try. Don't cheat!) The stories can be of any length, but if you troll, you'll be banned. Also, if the entry gets long, do please use the <lj-cut> tag.

Participation in the Challenge is encouraged, but not mandatory to post. We'll keep a hall of fame of people who succeed.

Do not spam this community. If you want to advertise an event/community or opportunity that somehow has something to do with writing pieces of fiction, please feel free to post it in the main community.

If, however, you are just looking for a random community to advertise the latest and greatest community on the selection of cheeses, I suggest community_promo. If you are looking for somebody to paint your house, I suggest searching "jobs" under interests to find plenty of applicable communities. This goes for random commenting.

This is a community of free expression, but it is still a public community. Children can read it, people may read it at work, while with their family, at a public terminal, or any number of other locations. If you post a story which contains any kind of adult content, graphic violence, or potentially offensive language, please place it behind an lj-cut which describes, in safe-for-public consumption terms, what about the story itself may not be acceptable to you readers. If you fail to do this, you will be asked to edit your to add the tag. If you fail to edit your entry in a timely manner, your entry will be deleted. Repeat offenders will be banned. Un-cut content of an especially offensive nature will be deleted without warning. Legal content behind an appropriate lj-cut will never be censored, regardless of content. The expression of distasteful ideas is the price you pay for free expression, and that's a steal at any price. That said, offensiveness will be judged solely at moderator discretion. (N.B. I rarely read the community these days, though, so until additional moderators are selected, you need not worry about overzealous fascism.)

Finally any un-cut story which is mostly in a font larger than the default font size will be deleted immediately. I know your story is special, but if it's more special than our other members', then I think the text ought to speak for itself, not scream.

Offenders will get a warning, and if they continue they will be banned.

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